• For when the wine is in, the wit is out.

    ~Thomas Becon~

  • Language is wine upon the lips.

    ~Virginia Woolf~

  • Wine is bottled poetry.

    ~Robert Louis Stevenson~

  • To recognize the quality of a wine, it’s not necesssary to drink the whole bottle.

    ~Oscar Wilde~



The Unique Drink. The Social Drink. The Smart Drink.

Beer, whiskey, vodka, rum. These are all interesting, tasty, alcoholic beverages and are enjoyed, indeed preferred, by many. What’s so different about wine? Why all the hype?
All the former drinks are (mostly) made with consistency in mind. Each batch that is produced must taste exactly the same as the batch before. The big up-side to this consistency is that the consumer knows exactly what they’re getting. There’s no risk and, as long as it’s not the first time, the person is ordering a drink which they already know they like.

For wine consistency is important, but only in terms of quality – not taste. Grapes are unique in their sensitivity to climatic conditions and ability to exhibit a large array of flavors and characteristics that mirror the stages of the growing and ripening seasons. These climatic influences, which together are referred to as the “vintage”, make it almost impossible to make exactly the same tasting wine as the year before. Each vintage, the same wine from the same producer will have a specific personality or expression. Wine is perpetually being rediscovered. Wine is unique.

Different settings often call for a certain type of drink. Sporting events and the beach are normally associated with beer. Spirits or cocktails tend to be in favor at poker games and night clubs. Wine is the drink of the table. Family gatherings, business dinners, weddings and dinner parties all benefit by having a good bottle of wine on the table. People don’t just eat at this kind of meal, they converse. Wine is most certainly the social drink.

Ever since the Neolithic period, man has made and consumed wine. No other alcoholic beverage can make that claim. Wine has been served at the coronation of kings and queens for centuries, as well as being a symbolic focus for a plethora of religious and cultural occasions and rituals. Wine is mentioned by philosophers, politicians, and general celebrities throughout history, such as Pliny, Plautus, Benjamin Franklin, Churchill, Louis Pasteur, Mark Twain, Omar Khayyam and Shakespeare, just to name a few. With a glass of wine in your hand, you don’t just have a drink. You have philosophy, culture and history. Wine is definitely the smart drink.

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Spicy Food & Wine

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Late last year group of wine journalists, including three Masters of Wine, gathered in London to taste the world’s most revered Cabernet Blends.
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VIN+ Wine & Beyond celebrates the Chinese New Year 2014

The last day of January 2014 is also the first day of the Chinese New Year (CNY), the Year of the Horse.
In China, and Chinese communities all over the world, doorways and windows will be decorated in red to bring joy and good fortune into the home.